Industrial float switches

Industrial float switches from Engler Germany serve as indispensable tools across diverse industrial settings, effectively detecting and managing liquid levels. These low-maintenance switches operate without external power, compatible with nearly all fluid types. Our industrial float switches offer customization options to suit specific needs, including:


  • Stainless steel float switch: Perfect for challenging, corrosive environments.
  • Plastic float switch: Ideal for applications demanding chemical resistance.
  • Brass float switch: Suited for water and non-corrosive fluid applications.
  • Adjustable float switch: Tailorable to precise application requirements.
  • Mini float switch: Compact solution for space-constrained environments.


Crafted from premium materials and built to exacting standards, our industrial float switches guarantee unparalleled accuracy and precision in liquid level monitoring. With simple installation and user-friendly operation, they've become a preferred option among industry leaders. Whether deployed in water treatment, chemical processing, food and beverage, or wastewater management, our float switches deliver dependable and effective solutions for liquid level measurement needs. Choose our industrial float switches for reliability, customization, and optimization for industrial efficiency.

In demanding industrial environments, the stainless steel float switch emerges as the go-to solution for precise level measurement and control. Crafted from top-grade stainless steel, it boasts durability and exceptional resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures. Compatible with a wide array of liquids, including corrosive and abrasive substances, and adaptable to diverse tank configurations, this float switch stands as a versatile choice.

We offer 11 distinct models of stainless steel float switches, offering both top-mounted and side-mounted options to cater to diverse industrial demands. Customization options abound, allowing customers to tailor the switch to their specific requirements. Widely embraced across sectors such as petrochemicals, chemicals, power generation, potable water treatment, food and beverage, and shipbuilding, these float switches deliver unparalleled performance.

One of the standout features of stainless steel float switches is their remarkable resistance to high temperatures, rendering them ideal for operation in rugged industrial environments characterized by elevated pressures. Moreover, their customizable nature allows for the integration of temperature switches or sensors to meet precise application needs. With their robust construction and dependable performance, stainless steel float switches emerge as a cost-effective solution for liquid level control across a spectrum of industries. Trust our industrial float switched for superior quality and reliability in industrial instrumentation.

Plastic float switches emerge as optimal solutions for effectively measuring and controlling non-corrosive liquid levels across diverse industries. Crafted from premium materials like PP, PVC, and PVDF, they boast resilience against chemicals and UV radiation. Customizable to meet specific requirements, they come in various designs, including top-mounted and side-mounted options. Industries such as water treatment, environmental engineering, and chemical and pharmaceutical sectors benefit from their reliable performance.

With easy installation and cost-effectiveness, Our plastic float switches present a practical solution for liquid level control. Moreover, they can be equipped with temperature switches or sensors as needed. Offering up to four switching points as N.C. contact, N.O. contact, or changeover contact, these plastic float switches provide versatile and dependable liquid level control solutions for diverse industries.

Industrial brass float switch is engineered to excel in challenging industrial settings, offering precise liquid level measurement and control. Crafted from top-quality brass material, it delivers outstanding resistance to corrosion and environmental elements. Suitable for use with diverse liquids, this brass float switch emerges as the ideal solution for hydraulic power packs, compressors, and cooling systems. Trust our float switches for reliable performance and durability in industrial instrumentation.

Adjustable float switches represent a versatile level sensing solution, particularly beneficial for technical facilities or equipment lacking preset switching points from the original equipment manufacturer. Offering precise adjustment capabilities, they ensure accuracy tailored to individual requirements. With user-friendly operation and cost-effectiveness, these switches cater to diverse adjustment needs, swiftly responding to fluctuating tank conditions. Widely applicable across industries including process, mechanical engineering, electroplating, and water/wastewater, they come with standardized electrical connections and process fittings for easy installation.

The Mini-float switch stands out as a highly adaptable level sensor, suitable for a wide range of fluid types. Its versatility extends across numerous sectors, including shipbuilding, offshore, petrochemical, chemical, and mechanical engineering. Compact in design, it's ideal for small tanks, hydraulic power packs, and system control. With various standardized versions available and tailored solutions offered, it ensures seamless integration into specific requirements. Offering up to two switching points and the option for temperature switch or sensor inclusion, it guarantees precise level measurement where accuracy is paramount.

For detailed technical specifications and variants, refer to our attached catalog or contact our sales team for further assistance.

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