Principles of BIBUS

  • Our aim is to establish ourselves as a leading solution provider for industries across Europe and Asia. Our primary businesses encompass pneumatics, hydraulics, mechatronics, and environmental technology, and our core competencies are engineering, logistics, and service.
  • Our guiding principle is Supporting your success, which reflects our commitment to supporting our customers with exceptional competence, availability, service, and flexibility in their pursuit of market success. Our goal is to achieve a uniform branding presence throughout Europe and Asia.
  • Our primary target group is OEM customers, and we offer systems and components across our geographic array in Europe and Asia. We value our partnerships with customers, suppliers, and employees and strive to cultivate loyal, fair, and ethical relationships.
  • The success of our competent staff is driven by a creative and team-oriented environment. The group strategy is centrally managed, while local adaptation is executed collaboratively with our partners. Local companies are afforded a high degree of autonomy and enjoy a considerable amount of freedom of action.
  • We aspire to surpass sector averages for growth and maintain a solid financial foundation with an appropriate rate of return.