Hydraulic Speed Regulators

Hydraulic speed regulators are used to precisely regulate the speed or feed rate of moving devices. BIBUS INDIA is the authorized distributor of Deschner speed regulators in India. There are different types of KINECHEK speed regulators available for industrial applications.  

Cushion-Start Kinechek

This particular model is a combination impact shock absorber and hydraulic speed regulator. The impact absorption feature of this model absorbs the starting 25% of the stroke to cushion the impact and the remaining stroke will control the load consistently as a normal speed controller. At the end of the stroke, the rod automatically comes back to the old position for the next impact.

Slow Return Kinechek

As the name suggests in this model of speed regulators we can slow down the return of the plunger rod to its full extend. The return time can be delayed between 6 seconds to 22 seconds per inch of stroke.

Skipchek Kinecheks

This particular model comes with a feature called Skipchek this helps reduce the machining time when it is desired to drill between dead spaces in between. The skip length is custom engineered according to customer needs.

Peckchek Kinecheks

This model of speed regulators are used in deep hole drilling applications where the drill is repeatedly withdrawn to remove waste cuttings while being advanced in steps deeper and deeper during each feed movement. 

Dual Speed Mini-K Kinechek Speed Regulator  

This type of speed controller is specially designed for the drilling of carbon fiber and other composite materials, especially in hand-operated drill applications. Like the model name suggests "Dual Speed" it has two speeds. The first part of the stroke is the “Fast Feed” which can be freely managed by the person who is using the drill and can drill as quickly as possible through the workpiece. As the drill nears the exit hole, the “control Feed” feature comes into action. In the final quarter of the full stroke length “Control Feed” slows down the forward motion and prevent damages. (Control Feed distance can be customized according to customer requirement)

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