Analogue Level Measurement

Analog level measurement with a reed chain is used to measure the filling levels continuously. These level measurement models are available up to 3000mm in length and can be used in all kinds of liquids. There are different models available according to customer requirements.

  • Analogue level measurement reed chain stainless steel
  • Analogue level measurement reed chain plastics
  • Analogue level measurement reed chain brass
  • Analogue level measurement magnetostrictive NAMW
  • Analogue level measurement magnetostrictive FSMB


Stainless steel analog level measurement with a reed chain has a sliding tube made of stainless steel. This model is suitable to operate at high temperatures. Analog steel level measurement model is widely used in shipbuilding, petrochemical and chemical sector, hydraulic power packs, food- and beverage industry, and more. Customers have an option to add a temperature sensor if required.



Magnetostrictive analog level measurement is used for high-precision and continuous level measurement. A customer can choose temperature measuring and interface layer measurement if needed. Magnetostrictive level measurement has two models magnetostrictive NAMW & magnetostrictive FSMB. These devices can be used in almost all kinds of fluids.




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