Orbital motor

Impro Fluidtek, specializing in the development, production, and distribution of components and systems for hydraulic motion and control applications, has established a strong presence in key regions worldwide. In India, BIBUS INDIA is the authorized distributor of Impro hydraulic orbital motors.

These motors have maintained a leading position in the market for over four decades. They are celebrated for their exceptional performance and reliability, making them a trusted choice across a diverse range of end markets. Notable among their series are the WD Motor Series, which offers an economical solution for light-duty applications, and the robust WS 360 and WS 365/366 Motor Series, designed for heavy-duty applications requiring substantial torque. These motors embody the company's commitment to delivering reliability, efficiency, durability, and flexibility in hydraulic motion and control solutions.

The Light Duty Orbital Motor product line, exemplified by the WD Motor Series, is tailored for applications with light-duty requirements and stands out for its cost-effective and reliable solutions. Key features of this product line include:

  • Built-in Check Valves: These motors come with built-in check valves that enhance their versatility and extend seal life.
  • Spool Valve Design: Equipped with a spool valve design, these motors deliver superior performance and ensure smooth operation across various applications.
  • Compact Package: The motors are designed in a space-efficient and compact package, making them suitable for installations where space is limited.
  • Economical Solution: The Light Duty Motor product line, including the WD Series, offers an economical yet high-performing solution for light-duty applications, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

The Medium Duty Orbital Motor product line embodies the perfect balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. At the heart of this product line is the CE, RE/RC Motor Series, recognized for its exceptional performance in medium-duty scenarios. Key features of this product line include:

  • Needle Roller Bearing: The inclusion of needle roller bearings ensures optimal load distribution for enhanced durability and efficiency.
  • Pressure-Compensated Balance Plate: These motors are equipped with a pressure-compensated balance plate, which significantly improves volumetric efficiency, particularly during startup and high-pressure running conditions.
  • Valve-In-Rotor Design: The valve-in-rotor design optimizes oil distribution, resulting in cost-effective and efficient motor operation.

The Impro Heavy Duty Motor product line is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of heavy-duty applications, delivering robust performance and durability. Among its prominent series are the WS 360 Motor Series and the WS 365/366 Motor Series. Key features of this product line include:

  • Multiple Shaft and Mounting Options: These motors offer a wide range of shaft and mounting options to meet the most common SAE and European requirements, providing versatility in various applications.
  • Heavy-Duty Components: Featuring heavy-duty tapered roller bearings and drive links, these motors can withstand substantial side loads and pressure spikes, enhancing their resilience.
  • Three-Zone Commutator Valve: The inclusion of a three-zone commutator valve ensures high flow capacity for demanding conditions.
  • Case Drain with Integral Internal Drain: Standard case drain design extends shaft seal life and enhances the overall durability of these motors.

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