Industrial shock absorbers

Industrial shock absorbers are used as hydraulic machine components for slowing down moving loads with minimal machine load. ACE shock absorbers are characterized by the use of the most recent and innovative technologies such as the piston tube, stretch or rolling diaphragm technique. ACE industrial shock absorbers are built to the highest quality. Shock absorber bodies and inner pressure chambers are fully machined from solid high tensile alloy steel. This gives a completely closed end one-piece pressure chamber with no seals or circlips being necessary.

The advantage of this design concept is that the ACE shock absorber is able to withstand much higher internal pressures or overload without damage, giving a very high safety margin. The chance of a sudden failure due to overload etc. is effectively ruled out.

ACE is number one in Shock Absorption techniques. These industrial shock absorbers are designed to absorb 100% shocks without any vibrations. ACE also designed shock absorbers for handling delicate materials like control panels, Powders, liquids & other soft materials, which requires very smooth deceleration.

The optimum solution is achieved by an ACE industrial shock absorber. This utilizes a series of metering orifices spaced throughout its stroke length and provides a constant linear deceleration with the lowest possible reaction force in the shortest stopping time. ACE Controlled Linear Deceleration.

BIBUS India is the authorized distributors of all ACE Industrial shock absorbers and other ACE products in India. ACE Industrial shock absorbers can be divided into two categories self-compensating and adjustable. We have Shockabsorber ranging from Miniature/small, medium, Magnum & Heavy duty capacity shock absorbers. We also cater the Stainless steel shock absorber range targeted towards top hygienic Industries like Food industries, Pharma industries & other.

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