Hydraulic shock absorber

Hydraulic shock absorber helps decelerate fast-moving equipment without bang or bounce. Also assures millions of cycles of maintenance-free performance. These are used in all industrial applications. BIBUS INDIA is the authorized distributor of Deschner Industrial shock absorbers in India. DESCHNER CORPORATION  is a US based company that manufactures shock absorbers and speed controllers for industries. There are two variants of the Industrial shock absorber on the sale. One is the CUSHIONEER hydraulic shock absorbers and the other is Impacta Series Shock Absorbers.

 CUSHIONEER hydraulic shock absorbers:

  • Rugged and compact.
  • Operate millions of cycles without leaking.
  • Uses patented rolling diaphragm rod seal for leak proof.
  • Two models infinitely adjustable & self adjusting shock absorbers
  • Flexible rod wiper prevents dirt, chips, and moisture from entering the shock absorber

Impacta Shock Absorbers:

  • Maintenance free performance for millions of cycles
  • Use a stainless steel rod to provide long life
  • Dirt, chips and moisture will not enter the unit
  • Compact and easy to mount in tight spots
  • Economical price
  • Leak resistant

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