Side channel blowers


Side Channel Blowers are used to move air, technical gases, methane, and biogas in compression and aspiration systems. wide range of blowers and accessories that can be used in several industrial sectors and to ensure excellent standards of reliability.

How blowers work

Blowers have an impeller blade mounted inside a housing. As air passes the inlet port, the impeller blades draw air in and accelerate the air outward and forward. As each impeller blade strikes it, the air moves faster and faster. At the base of the housing, an air stripper diverts the air out of the housing reducing the speed and then increasing the pressure.

FPZ Side Channel Blowers have many applications: from heavy industry to chemical and environmental sectors. Side channel blowers are used in operations such as packaging and packing, material lifting and handling, dust and fume extraction, water purification and treatment, subsurface remediation.This is possible thanks to the special technical features of these blowers. BIBUS INDIA is the authorized distributor of FPZ blowers in India.

FPZ blowers range

  • MS single impeller - single stage
  • MD single impeller – double stage
  • TS twin impeller - single stage
  • TD twin impeller - double stage
  • TT triple impeller, single stage
  • TP triple impeller, triple stage


  • Maintenance-free
  • No contact among parts
  • Low noise level
  • Compact in size
  • No pulsation and no fluid contamination

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