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Lean Production System

The concept of a tube system – but taken to a whole new level. The Profile Tube System D30 from the Lean Production Building Kit System boosts your productivity. As a universal and versatile system, it is ideal for building needs-based material provisioning and picking systems.

It delivers maximum stability for minimum assembly effort and can be easily modified, enhanced or reconfigured at any time. As a result, it produces customized and exceptionally cost-effective solutions.

The advantages of the profile tube system D30 at a glance:   

• D30 is exceptionally versatile.           

• Individual Fasteners at joints can be repositioned separately

• Tube Adapters enable profile connections to be made at any angle

• Connection to D28 tube systems possible

• Clamping technology makes it easy to convert, disassemble or extend structures 

• D30 is exceptionally stable.

• High-quality material prevents settlement in Fasteners 

• D30 is exceptionally efficient.

• The outstanding stability of the Line cuts maintenance costs

• Practical one-man assembly requires less manpower

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