Heavy duty gas springs

Controlled pushing, lifting or lowering without external energy

How the car trunk doors or other heavy objects can behold & lift. When we talk about lifting heavy objects manually it needs a lot of strength and effort. For example imagine lifting beds with storage space below, little difficult isn't it. So how we can make it possible even for a six year old boy can lift a 60 kg door of a huge box or any other heavy applications. Thinking how?

Our heavy duty gas springs production range covers nearly all dimensions and forces are required for your specific application. Easylift gas spring is used everywhere in the industrial field. Besides the automobile and furniture industry, there are numerous applications in the machinery and equipment design. We also offer special solutions to meet the special requirements in the medical and aircraft industry. The continuous production of special sizes and our extensive stock enable us to meet nearly all requirements within a remarkably short time.

These pneumatic gas springs are trusted worldwide for its quality and durability. We have also received certification from the German Aviation Association making these gas springs qualified for aerospace applications too.

We can customize gas springs according to your requirements. Contact our sales managers today.


  • Highest corrosion resistance achieved through powder-coated cylinders and CeramPro treated piston rod surfaces
  • Minimal friction for the production of lowest extension forces
  • Best life cycles
  • Protection against vibration and light side forces
  • Integrated grease chamber
  • Low breaks away forces
  • Installation and storage in any position

Generating and downloading CAD files of your custom Bansbach Gas springs.

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