Motion Control Dampers

Bansbach Motion Control (MC) Dampers are used as a motion control function to safely dampen (delay) speed and slow down masses.

  • Adjustable MC Dampers - The damping speed can be adjusted with the damper mounted, specifically for applications where damping speeds are not clearly defined.
  • Standard MC Damper - Only oil is used to provide damping over the complete stroke. Different push-in and push-out speeds can be achieved by the use of different nozzles and oil viscosity.
  • MC Damper with floating piston - Separation of the oil and gas chambers guarantees smooth damping movement in any position.
  • MC Damper without free travel - Allows controlled damping in both directions without free travel (slip) effect.


  • Leisure and training equipment
  • Machinery
  • Vehicle industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Military

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