Adjustable height table

One of the main issues we face in our day to day work life is sitting for a prolonged period with non-ergonomically designed furniture’s, which leads to health issues like Back pain, Neck Pain, Eyestrain and even Carpal tunnel syndrome which affects employee’s productivity and sometimes even force to quit the job.

Height adjustable table offers a perfect solution for these issues, which can seamlessly change your working position from sitting to standing at the push of a button. BIBUS INDIA has a wide range of automatic height adjustable tables for office and home office, which can be customized as per our needs and had a load capacity of 80 kgs - 150 kgs. 

These electric height adjustable tables contain single motor or dual motor with a control box and remote control result in a comfortable, easy-to-use system for adjusting the height of a table according to your preference.

  • System for the adjustable table with 1 / 2 / 4 legs
  • Standard the table plate is not included
  • Minimum height needs to be specified
  • Manual hand crank model also available (on request)

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