Stainless steel gas struts

Stainless steel gas springs are a versatile and reliable solution widely used across various industries for their durability, corrosion resistance, and hygienic properties. These gas springs are manufactured exclusively from high-quality stainless steel material (1.4404, V4A, AISI No. 316L), making them ideal for applications where cleanliness and longevity are paramount. With their ability to withstand harsh environments, including those found in the food, chemical, and seawater sectors, stainless steel gas springs have become indispensable components in numerous industrial processes.

These flavor / powder mixing systems often feature doors that require frequent opening and closing to access the mixing chambers. Stainless steel gas springs are used to provide smooth and controlled motion for these doors, ensuring easy access while maintaining hygiene standards. Due to the high life cycles of these gas springs, which can continue to run for years without any need for repair, they offer a reliable solution for flavor / powder mixing systems, contributing to uninterrupted operations and increased productivity.

Overall, stainless steel gas springs are essential components in the food industry, contributing to both efficiency and hygiene in food processing operations. With their durable construction and corrosion-resistant properties, these gas springs help ensure the safety and quality of food products. With the high-quality stainless steel gas springs available in V4A, the high requirements of the food industry are met, offering enhanced durability and resistance to harsh environments. Additionally, food-grade oil (FDA oil) is optionally available, ensuring compliance with food safety standards. Furthermore, the stainless steel version in 1.4404 is suitable for special applications, such as those in the food industry or outdoor areas, where corrosion resistance and longevity are paramount. By providing reliable and long-lasting performance, stainless steel gas springs support the food industry in meeting regulatory requirements and exceeding consumer expectations.

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