ACE Shock Absorbers

BIBUS India Now Authorized Distributor of ACE Industrial Shock Absorbers in South India

We are excited to announce that BIBUS India has been named the authorized distributor of ACE industrial shock absorbers in South India. ACE shock absorbers are renowned for their exceptional performance, ensuring even deceleration of moving loads, resulting in the lowest braking force and shortest braking time. The MAGNUM series, a benchmark in medium design damping technology, features innovative components like diaphragm accumulators, seals, and tube-shaped inner pressure chambers, significantly extending service life.

In addition to shock absorbers, ACE offers a range of other high-performance products, including Damping Pads and TUBUS profile dampers. Damping Pads provide effective vibration isolation and noise reduction, while TUBUS profile dampers are designed for energy absorption in compact spaces, offering reliable performance in various applications.

With ACE's wide range of accessories, integrating these products into your systems is seamless, reducing production costs and time. This partnership enables South Indian industries to enhance their machine output and operational efficiency with ACE’s advanced solutions.

For more information, visit the BIBUS India website or contact our sales team to discover how ACE shock absorbers, Damping Pads, and TUBUS profile dampers can benefit your operations. Visit us to know more.

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