Barcode reader sensor

Barcode, OCR & 2D data matrix code Reader

The VISOR® Code Reader from SensoPart easily reads bar codes of numerous types as well as printed and directly marked data matrix codes according to the ECC200 standard, regardless of the carrier materials (metal, plastic, paper, glass). The sensor even easily deciphers skewed or distorted codes, or those attached to convex, reflective or transparent surfaces. 

The VISOR® Code Reader detects all common printed and directly marked data matrix and bar codes. 

Highlights of VISOR® Solar Sensor

• Reliably reads bar codes as well as printed and directly marked data matrix codes, and even several codes simultaneously and mixed 1D/2D codes

• Supplementary object detection for features other than codes

• Evaluation of quality parameters according to ISO/IEC 15415 and AIM DPM 2006

• Flexible definition of output data (header, trailer, net data)

• String comparison with message via the digital switching output

• Support of ether Net/IP and DHCP, PROFINET

• Comprehensive possibilities for archiving pictures and data

• Reading of optical characters with OCR


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