Karakuri a low-cost Intelligent automation system

Karakuri systems are commonly associated with material transport, which can help make workflows in assembly, machining, and intralogistics more flexible. World’s biggest automotive manufactures like BMW & Toyota use these systems to move material around the automotive assembly lines.

One of the main advantages of a Karakuri system is its low cost. Karakuri system can reduce the overall cost of automation compared to conventional automation systems controlled by computers, sensors, actuators, motors, drivers, and so on. Karakuri uses industrial aluminium profiles to construct the system and the rest is done by the kinetic energy it generates, such as gravity or spring force

It is easy to maintain and even by an untrained person can easy to figure out where the problem if it gets into any trouble contrary to a trained software programmer or an electrician used by traditional systems.

Know more about the low cost mechanical automation solution, talk to our engineers and designers with your requirement. We will help you make your idea into reality.

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