VISOR Object Sensor for part detection

Objects that sometimes appear in unexpected positions and have complex shapes and details – classic switching sensors would be completely overwhelmed by such detection tasks. VISOR® object sensor from Sensopart always maintains its overview, detecting defective parts, parts in the wrong position, wrong orientation, wrong sequence or a combination of them all – in an instant. With its highly precise position and orientation detection, our VISOR® object sensor is one of the best in its class.

The VISOR® Object Sensor with inary Large Object (BLOB) detects even small differences between objects, counts parts or detects whether a part is face up or face down.

With the calliper detector, the VISOR® accurately measures distances, widths and lengths as well as outer and inner diameters of parts. The measuring results can e.g. be emitted via the new PROFINET interface.

Highlights of VISOR® Object Sensor

• User-friendly configuration and viewer software with hierarchical user rights and online help

• Powerful part-finding and tracking

• Precise position determination: x/y-position and orientation

• Comprehensive logic functions for the digital switching outputs

• Flexible definition of output data (header, trailer, net data)

• Support of Ethernet/IP and PROFINET

• Comprehensive possibilities for archiving pictures and data

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