Hand-held scanners

Mobile, fast and flexible

Hand-held scanners from SICK provide fast, flexible code reading capabilities for a wide range of applications. Unlike manual solutions, hand-held scanners make it possible to automatically detect data at high speeds - with nearly no errors. They are ergonomically designed, speed up processes and help eliminate sources of error.

At a glance

  • Reading at contact and distances up to 25 cm
  • Identification of all popular 1D codes, with PDF version, also stacked codes
  • Scan rate up to 300 scans/second
  • Withstands 25 drops from 1.5 m height
  • Extremely lightweight, only 106 g
  • Connection as PS/2 and USB keyboard wedge, serial USB or via RS-232 TTL
  • IP 41 enclosure rating

Your benefits

  • Designed for contact and close-range detection, providing flexible operation
  • Increased productivity thanks to short scan time
  • Low-cost solution for identifying various code sizes
  • High degree of user comfort thanks to ergonomic housing, light weight and optional presentation mode
  • The most popular industrial interfaces allow flexible connectivity to PS/2, USB and RS-232 TTL, for example
  • Reliable identification reduces the need to manually input data

Max. Reading distance:

  • We have range more than half meter

Min. code resolution:

  • We have range more than 0.2mm.

Code type:

  • Code types 1D, 2D, DPM, Stacked are available.

Protection Class

  • Protection class can be up to IP69K.

Head of Sales

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