PULS Din rail power supply

Maintain your machinery with proper voltage inputs using best in class din rail power supply from Germany. Consistent electrical flow from a quality and reliable power supply and make your automation fast and efficient.

BIBUS INDIA is the authorized supplier of PULS Din rail power supplies  in India. PULS is renowned for building Din rail power supply with the highest efficiency and holds the current world record of 95.5%. This performance increase has been achieved with the partial replacement of traditional silicon with the new wide-bandgap material, silicon carbide (SiC), combined with a sophisticated LLC converter topology. Din rail power supply comes with 3 year warranty.

PULS DIN-rail switched-mode power supplies has three main product range DIMENSION, PIANO and MiniLine.

PIANOseries Din rail power supply are for even the most cost oriented user. PULS power supply high reliability and long service lifetime. Despite our low cost requirements, an MTBF of more than 1.4 million hours and efficiencies of 90.5 to 95.2% have been achieved.

PIANO includes a DC-OK signal, an operational temperature range of up to +55°C (without derating) and large input and output terminals all within a light and compact housing. The 24V/10A unit, with a width of only 49mm, is the same size as the smallest “new to market” high-end products from other vendors.

Additionally, for applications that do not necessarily need a mains voltage of 100-120V, the user can further reduce their costs by choosing one of the PIANO versions that is specifically developed for 200-240V.

DIMENSION line of power supply offers premium Din rail power supply for demanding applications. The DIMENSION family includes the widest range of 12-48V DIN-rail power supplies. The products are classified in three series: Q , C and X with 1-, 2- or 3- phase input and a power of 80 to 960W.

MiniLine Series are Ultra compact Din rail power supply for lower power requirements. For low and medium power range from 15W to 100W.

The units, in their rugged plastic housing are highly efficient, compact, reliable and can be installed in seconds. MiniLine users are convinced by an excellent cost-benefit ratio and a high power density. So a 30W device requires a space of only 22.5mm on the DIN-rail.

To choose the right unit for your requirements from 26 different MiniLine power supply talk to BIBUS INDIA sales team. Download the catalog today.

PULS power supplies are certified to fulfil railway standards. We also deals with complete range of 1- to 3- phase units and DC/DC converters, all of which can be mounted on DIN rails and are certified to comply with the common railway standards like EN 50155 Railways Applications, EN 61373 Rolling Stock Equipment, EN 50121-3-2 Electromagnetic Compatibility.

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