Rotary Indexing Table

SOPAP Automations - Société Pour l‘Automatisation des Presses founded in 1973 by Mr Erich Freywiss, specialized in the development of cam indexing units and manipulators. In 2010, On April the 8th the assets of SOPAP were integrated into the group TÜNKERS.

Our movements driven by cams: cylindrical, drum, radial, or globoid, deliver simple, sure,  powerful, fast, and precise mechanisms which control time of cycle and positioning with a minimum of surveillance. With a need of continuous improvement, reliability and maintainability, SOPAP carries out dynamic tests on each unit and offers you: 3 YEARS WARRANTY on standard products. Facing a demanding industry, our research and development department is in the developing stage of turntables MAINTENANCE FREE with 10 YEARS WARRANTY.

In India BIBUS Horizon is the authorized distributor of SOPAP products. 

The SIMPLEX TXE is integrated with an outside cogwheel. It is manufactured in various sizes ranging from 400 to 750 and 1100. The TS Series is manufactured by SOPAP Automation. It is a rotary indexing table that is constructed mainly for plates of a large diameter. Features of the TS includes continuous or infrequent movement, and selection of sizes from 200 to 2500. It also has a free selection of number of stops.