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The accelerated mass represents a major problem in pneumatics. The actuator may be self-destruct because of the kinetic energy. Some clients had this unpleasant experience already. Throttle valves can be used to control the rotating speed. For damping of the accelerated mass before reaching the end positions, it is possible to install hydraulic shock absorbers. This will improve the situation, but the result is not very satisfactory. We developed the Hydraulic-Pneumatic Rotary Actuator -HPA to solve this problem. We split the task into two steps: The cheap, clean and compressible medium air will continue to do the work for the actuation. However, to control the moving mass the non-compressible medium oil is used in a closed hydraulic system. This allows adjusting the rotation speed exactly. A restart after an E-stop is possible without any problems. There are two independent and adjustable rotation speeds possible. This guarantees a precise and constant adjustment of the end position damping. This makes our hydro pneumatic drives unique in the world.



Controllable speed

Damping path and characteristic adjustable