Oil free air compressor

JUN-AIR is the world trusted and leading brand of quiet, vibration free compressors. Which offers high quality quiet, clean and dry compressed air used in laboratories, dental clinics, medical, beverage, graphic, and industrial applications worldwide. Our products include a full range of standard and customized compressors and cabinets.

Our compressor are widely used in critical applications like Ventilators, incubators, anesthesia and critical care in hospital environments because of its reliable clean high quality air. Clinics and Hospitals treating for ear, nose and throat diseases use suction systems for which the suction is created by using an air compressor.

Dental industry demands high quality air compressors with low noise level, high reliability and long lifetime. These compressors powers the turbines used for drilling in dental clinics. Modern dental clinics prefers oil free compressed air which can handle continuous duty with no maintenance and a long life expectancy. These units are corrosion resistant and compressors are suitable for single and multiple surgeries. These comes with adsorption dryer feature to obtain the ultimate air quality. To reduce the noise level we uses high quality metal cabinet.

These compressors are used in orthopedic treatment, pneumatically generated shock waves are radially and extensively transmitted into the pain, almost without any anesthetic. The injuries for which this therapy is used includes calcaneal spur, tennis elbow, patellar apex syndrome as well as other forms of insertion tendinosis. Quiet compressors are used with equipment for ultrasonic and pneumatic lithotripsy for stone management in the bladder, kidney and ureter.

Compressed air is also used for a number of products in the veterinarian field. Rehabilitation/fitness equipment now uses compressed air as source of resistance. BIBUS INDIA is the authorized distributor of Jun-Air products in India.

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