CKD Balancing cylinder Automatic pressure adjustment type

In workplaces lifting and transported heavy items on a daily basis is very common. These also increases work related injuries. For an employer safety and security of his skilled worker is very important objective. There are wide range of human assist device which works as an extension of the worker and helps the workers do these difficult task more efficiently and with less burden.

CKD's Balancing Unit BBS is one of such human assist device which help move objects weighing up to 200 kg when workers apply a force of 5 kg or less. The equipment’s ensures personnel safety of workers at workplaces who handles heavy objects. These Balancing Units automatically recognizes and adapts to changes in object weight and maintains suitable balance without adjustment. Standard safety brakes ensure even if the air source is cut off, the work piece will not drop off or pop up when air is restored. Compatible with all-air methods. An optional all-air method that does not need electricity is also available for explosion proof atmospheres.


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