Ready to use Linear slides

A linear slide is a combination of linear guide and corresponding drive elements. Linear slide unit consists of the linear unit, motor, controller, cable, and accessories   

Ready to install Linear slides. These are mainly used for linear, low friction movement and positioning tasks. These are pre-configured units optimised for speed, payload, precision, and stroke length.

Timing-belt drive: If you require a linear drive with speed and reliability, the timing-belt drive will be your best option. These linear systems support extremely dynamic movements in short cycle times.  

Ball screw linear drive: These linear drives are used when you need a great deal of power and precise positioning.     

Linear Units with chain drives: The chain drive is the most resilient solution for linear systems. Its robust steel chain works well even in difficult environments and ensures drive force is reliably transmitted. It has a compact design, the chain runs entirely within the groove of the aluminium profile. Chain linear drives are often used to build lifting doors and other vertical applications

Linear Units with rack drives: If you are looking for precise control and powerful stroke these linear units with rack drives is the best solution. The rack drive are a robust linear drive that can be used to move heavy loads.  


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