Material handling systems

Transport trolleys - An ideal solution for the flexible supply of goods, transport crates and working materials quickly to where they are needed. These aluminium trolleys are a lightweight solution with exceptional carrying capacity and an optimised chassis.

There are different types of trolleys for different applications. Few are listed below  

SystemMobiles L type trolley is the ideal for standalone workstations. Designed ergonomically to bring working materials closer.

SystemMobiles T type trolley has a central aluminium frame that allows easy access to shelves and storage boxes from both sides if placed between two work stations.

SystemMobiles U type of aluminium trolleys is used to transport heavy loads with maximum safety. Castors with double-brakes keep the trolley safely in place when they are not moving.   

SystemMobiles S type trolley is exceptionally compact. These used picking and provisioning trolleys to get tools and other materials in small quantities to where they are needed – fast

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