Multi function direct drive motor

Environmentally friendly direct drive with absolute encoder. The high-precision direct drive allows free indexing as well as continuous rotation without the use of gearboxes or other mechanisms. This motor is suitable for a variety of applications from the fields of pick and place, handling and assembly automation.


This high-precision absolute DD actuator enables freely designed 360° indexing, and enables complex intermittent and continuous rotation. 

Energy-saving, space-saving, oil less, reusable these all assist in constructing an eco-friendly production system.

Different networks are easily connectable with the one-touch connection serial transmission slave.

The direct drive actuator has a built-in absolute resolver that detects the current position when power is turned on, eliminating bothersome origin searches. After an emergency stop, operations are restarted from the current position.

Indexing time is set directly in 0.01- second units.

The torque does not drop even in high speed areas. (Excluding some models)

High-precision indexing is possible with high 540672-pulse–per-rotation resolution. (Indexing repeatability: ±5")

This DD motor has outstanding torque properties that maintain the torque even in high-speed ranges and uses a PM motor suitable for indexing.