industrial aluminium profile structure

BIBUS INDIA is the authorized supplier for item (Germany) industrial aluminium profiles in India. These aluminium profiles are used for all customized designs and manufacturing tasks involving factory equipment. These prodiles can be used to produce anything from basic frames to fully automated production lines. Customers can choose from a wide range of aluminium profiles that can hold weight from 50KG to 1000KG according to their application requirements. Reliability and extendibility ensure that systems and structures have an extremely long useful life.

The above image is a customized structure made for an esteemed customer built with 80x80 light natural anodized aluminium profile (model - for an overall size of 2060x1760x2200 (LxBxH). It can hold up to a weight of 1200KG. Thanks to automatic fastening sets ( model - 0.0.388.08 ) and angle brackets ( model - 0.0.411.15 ) assembled together at each joint to make the joints rugged. 

Any two profiles from the same line can be connected by friction using automatic fastening sets. The automatic fastening sets don't require the profiles to be machined because the fastener does threading operation and the screw enters into one profile. Angle brackets were used in addition to automatic fastening sets to strengthen profile connections. There are several different floor components that provide all you need for secure footing or for moving machinery and industry equipment. Here, we used an adjustable Knuckle foot (model - 0.0.439.30) that can be placed into the core bores of profiles using base plates.

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