The Swiss company BIBUS Holding AG unites an international network of independent subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. It has evolved from the steel trading company founded in 1947 by Dipl. Ing. Hans Bibus into a progressive group of companies operating in the fields of technology, materials and electronics. Thanks to its reliability and high quality standards, the group has been able to establish itself on the market as a leading supplier and service partner for high-quality industrial products, components and system solutions.

BIBUS Holding grows together with its internal and external partners, vigorously supporting their success. All subsidiaries have access to the expertise and resources of the entire group. For their part, they contribute to the performance of our customers and suppliers with their specific local competencies in the engineering, logistics and services segments.

The four pillars of its success are its character as a family-managed group in the third generation, its solid capital base, long-term business relationships and subsidiaries led by locally anchored managing directors.

Together with our partners, managing directors and employees, we are committed to a long-term prosperous future based on our principle “Supporting your success”.


Throughout Europe and Asia, we supply technical products and systems that make our customers better, more efficient and more successful.


As a distributor we form a reliable link between first-class manufacturers of industrial components and discerning customers.

As a solution provider we are a top manufacturer of special products and complete assemblies for the industry.

As a service provider we offer high competence in service, maintenance and repair of our products, assemblies and systems.


Supporting your success” says it all. We want to make our customers more successful so we can grow together profitably and benefit as a supplier. We are not in competition with our customers. Instead, we help them improve their competitiveness. We do this with more efficient solutions, higher-quality products, better consulting quality, extensive service and complete loyalty.